Month: February 2014

Sindhi Biryani


1/2 leg/shoulder of lamb
3 big onions (diced)
Few cinnamon sticks
3-4 cloves
3-4 whole black pepper
3-4 cardamon pods
1 tbsp whole cumin
Big pinch fenugreen leaves (fresh/dry)
4-5 tbsp crushed ginger and garlic
1 tbsp green chilies
1 tbsp red chilli powder
1 tbsp tumeric powder
2 tbsp coriander & cumin powder
1 tsp garam masala
Salt to taste
700g passata jar
1pk Shaan Sindhi Biryani mix
Half a bunch fresh coriander chopped
4 large potatoes
5 eggs
4-5 cups of rice
Ready fried onions
Clarified butter (ghee)
Pinch of saffron
1 cup milk

1. In a pan cook meat off with half the garlic, ginger, some salt & tumeric powder. Cook till water from meat burns off.

2. In another pan fry onions in oil till golden then add whole spices & methi. Cook till onions are brown.

3. Then add the rest of the garlic, ginger, chilies, salt, coriander and cumin powder as well as the shan masala packet. Cook for a minute then add the passata.

4. Now leave to cook till oil bubbles appear on top. Then add garam masala.
5. Mix the meat into this masala and leave to one side.

6. In a big pan boil water till its boiling then add plenty of salt and the soaked rice. Cook it till its nearly cooked. Drain and leave to one side.
7. Separately fry the potatoes and boil the eggs.

8. Now place some foil at the bottom of your pot, add ghee, some rice, fried onions, potatoes, the meat and masala, chopped coriander in this order and then repeat for a second layer.




9. Bring some milk to boil with some ghee and saffron. Then pour over biryani.

10. Pour couple of mugs of water over the biryani and then cover with foil then the pot lid. Cook on the cooker for 5 mins till steam starts to come from the pot then place in the oven for around and 1hr 45mins.

Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Aiysha Haji


Special Mousse Jelly

1 cup china grass
2 cups water
2 packets Angel Delight
Fresh fruit/tin fruit
Icing sugar

1. Boil the china grass in water.


2. Make the Angel Delight as directed on packet.


3. Cut fresh fruit or open tin and place in a dish. Pour the Angel Delight on top and level out.


4. Sprinkle icing sugar on top and leave to set in refrigerator till time to serve.


Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Nasreen Bhayat

Strawberry Dream Dessert


Jelly packet (strawberry/mixed berry)
Dream topping
Cadbury’s Strawberry and Creme Chocolatw

1. Place strawberries in the bottom of a  dessert bowl or glasses.
2. Make a jelly and pour into the glasses and let it set.
3. Whip up some dreams dropping. Melt chocolate. Let it cool and then fold into dream topping.
4. Spoon the dream topping onto the jelly. Crush strawberries and pour on top. Refrigerate and serve chilled.

Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Fatema Hansrod

Chicken Biryani (Kachi;Uncooked)


1 chicken (eight pieces)
Two large handfuls of pre fried onions
Half a tub of yogurt
Whole cinnamon, cumin, cloves, peppercorns, cardamon
Crushed garlic and ginger
Crushed green chillies
Red chilli powder
Tumeric powder

1. Marinate chicken overnight in the above ingredients.

2. When ready to cook, boil rice so not too soft.

3. Layer the bottom of a cooking pot with bit of the rice then add the marinated chicken.
4. Fry some potatoes and boil some eggs.  Slice the eggs and scatter it on top of chicken.


5. Then add the remaining rice.
6. Sprinkle some water mixed with saffron for colour and taste onto the rice. As well as spoon over several generous blobs of ghee on top.

7. Cover lid with foil and place the pot on the cooker on a high heat until rice is steaming.
8. Then place a crepe or roti pan on the heat and place the pot on top and cook on low heat for atleast an hour.

Serve with Biryani trimmings of yogurt chaas (drink) , poppadoms (both types), mango pickle, marinated carrot, raita and salad.

Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Maryam Kika

Chicken Biryani (Kaheli:Pre-cooked)

3 large onions
2 chicken in pieces
Crushed ginger & garlic
Crushed green chillies
Curry chutney (fresh coriander, garlic and green chilli blend)
Red chilli powder
Tumeric powder
Cumin powder
Corinader powder
Garam masala
1 tsp curry paste
3 small fresh tomatoes
Handful of fresh coriander

1. Fry onions in oil with whole cinnamon, cumin, cloves, peppercorns,  cardamon and bay leaves until golden brown.
2. Then add chicken, garlic, ginger, green chillies, salt and curry chutney.
Leave to cook.
3. Meanwhile boil eggs and fry potatoes .
4. Once meat has cooked and no water is left; add red chilli powder, turmeric, coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala and curry paste. Leave to cook on low heat.
4. Once the masala has been absorbed. Switch off the heat and add yogurt, chopped tomatoes, saffron and fresh coriander. Scatter the fried potatoes and sliced eggs on top.
5. Boil rice with whole cumin and salt until soft. Place rice only on top of cooked chicken.
6. Chop a large onion or two and fry in clarifies butter. Pour the ghee and the onion over the rice.
7. Place the Biryani on the cooker again on high heat for about half an hour, then lower heat for an hour or so.

Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Maryam Kika

Potatoe Salad

Baby potatoes
Onions (thinly chopped)
Red onions (thinly chopped)
Blue Dragon Sweet chilli sauce
Black pepper
Lime juice (optional)
Whole red chilli (deseeded & thinly sliced) (optional)
Whole mustard seeds (optional)

1. Peel, boil and slice the potatoes.
2. Add all the ingredients above and mix together. Leave to chill in fridge.

Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Amina Daya

Mango Mousse Dessert

Ingredients for mousse:
1 tin mango pulp (kesar)
1 carton double cream (whipped)
2 tbsp gelatine
1/4 cup cold Water
Madeira cake

Method for mousse:
1. In a glass bowl sprinkle gelatine add 1/4 cup of water and leave for about 1 minute until it thickens.
2. Then heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds check if the gelatine has dissolved if not give it another 10 second burst in the microwave. 
3. Combine mango pulp and sugar together. Whisk the cream till thick.
4. Then whisk the gelatine and mango pulp together. Then add thewhipped cream.
5. Finally layer your dessert dish with cake and then a spread of the mango mousse. Leave to set and then add the mango glaze. You can do two layers if you want.

Ingredients for mango glaze:
2 cups mango pulp
1 cup of hot water
2 tbsp of gelatine
Sugar to taste

Method for mango glaze:
1. Dissolve the gelatine in hot water.
2. Add it to mango puree and mix well. Then add sugar if you like it sweeter. Layer onto set mousse and refrigerate for a few hours.

Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Ayesha Kasu

Mango & Peach Mousse

1 packet 80g peach jelly
2 tbsp gelatine
380g can evaporated milk
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 cup boiling water
1 cup mango juice
1 cup ripe mangoes chopped and pureed
1/2 cup cold water

1. Chill the milk overnight. Dissolve jelly and sugar in boiling water.
2. Soak gelatin in cold water for 5 mins.  Then add to hot jelly with the mango juice. Mix until completely dissolved. Leave to cool.
3. Beat milk with electric beater until stiff peaks are formed.
4. Add cooled jelly mixture beating continuously.
5. Then fold in purée. Pour into dish and refrigerate until set.

Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Afifa Batan

Strawberry Lattice Tarte Tartin


Strawberries (sliced)
Cocoa powdee
Tin of Tip Top Creamy Milk
Puff pastry

1. Slice the strawberries and toss in sugar. Then add a bit of cocoa powder.
2. Then add the creamy milk tin. Mix together.
3. Roll and cut the pastry into the shape of the cake tin for the pastry lids. Prick it all over so that it does not puff so much.
4. Cut thin slices of pastry from the leftover pastry and layer these slices in a lattice pattern at the bottom of the cake tin. Brush with milk.
4. Sprinkle some sugar on top of the lattice pastry strips and some melted butter.
5. Spoon on to it the strawberries. Then place the pastry lids on top and tuck into the edges and pinching it to join onto the pastry strips.
6. Brush the pastry with milk. Bake in a preheated oven till brown.

Serve hot with clotted cream and cinnamon powder.

Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Hajra Bhayat