Chicken Biryani (Kachi;Uncooked)


1 chicken (eight pieces)
Two large handfuls of pre fried onions
Half a tub of yogurt
Whole cinnamon, cumin, cloves, peppercorns, cardamon
Crushed garlic and ginger
Crushed green chillies
Red chilli powder
Tumeric powder

1. Marinate chicken overnight in the above ingredients.

2. When ready to cook, boil rice so not too soft.

3. Layer the bottom of a cooking pot with bit of the rice then add the marinated chicken.
4. Fry some potatoes and boil some eggs.  Slice the eggs and scatter it on top of chicken.


5. Then add the remaining rice.
6. Sprinkle some water mixed with saffron for colour and taste onto the rice. As well as spoon over several generous blobs of ghee on top.

7. Cover lid with foil and place the pot on the cooker on a high heat until rice is steaming.
8. Then place a crepe or roti pan on the heat and place the pot on top and cook on low heat for atleast an hour.

Serve with Biryani trimmings of yogurt chaas (drink) , poppadoms (both types), mango pickle, marinated carrot, raita and salad.

Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Maryam Kika


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