Bombay Biryani (Restaurant Style)

Ingredients (for first step):
2 chickens (cleaned, washed and drained)
2 handfuls of fried onions
1 tspn whole cumin
2 tspn ground cumin powder
2 tspn coriander powder
1/4 tspn of ground black pepper
3 tbspn of natural yoghurt
4-5 tbspn oil
3 tbspn of ghee
Handful fresh mint (chopped)
Fresh coriander
2 boxes of Shaan Bombay Biryani Masala (take the big pieces out)
1 tspn of turmeric powder
8 tspn crushed ginger
2 tspn crushed garlic
1 cup of water
2 tomatoes (chopped)
Few whole green chillies
1/2 tspn chilli powder (to taste)
1/2 tspn salt (to taste)
Note: Add the chillies and salt last once the rest of the ingredients are well incorporated.

Method (for first step):
1. Mix together the ingredients above except for the chicken in the order specified above. Then add to a big pot which you’ll use to make the biryani in.
2. Cook the ingredients until masala is completely cooked when the tomatoes are soft and the oil has separated.
3. Add the chicken and cook for a little while until the masala has incorporated with the chicken, around 5-10 minutes.

Ingredients (for second step):
6 small cups of rice
(boiled with salt and whole cumin)
Fried potatoes
Boiled eggs
Saffron water

Method (for second step):
1. Boil rice and eggs separately and fry potatoes.
2. Mix fried potatoes and eggs with the cooked chicken. Add the boiled rice on top Cover the pot with lid and foil to enclose the steam.
3. Cook on the hob on a high heat until steam comes out.
4. Then put in the oven on gas mark 6/200 degrees for 30 mins then lower the heat to gas mark 4/180 degrees for a further 30 mins and then to gas mark 2/150 degrees for another 30 mins or so.

Enjoy x

Love from foodie Ayesha Kasu


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