Chicken & Potatoe Kebabs



Ingredients for filling:
1/2 pound chicken breast cut into tiny pieces
1/2 pound potatoes boiled and mashed
1/2 mix vegetables boiled (frozen)
Green chillies to taste
Salt to taste
Crushed ginger/garlic
Coriander powder
Cumin powder
Fresh coriander

Method for filling:
1. In a pot melt some butter on the stove and then add the chicken with all the masala.
2. Then add the boiled mixed vegetables. Cook until the chicken is tender.
3. Finally mix in the mash potatoes and fresh coriander. Thereafter shape into kebabs. At this point you can freeze them to be fried in the batter at a later date.



Ingredients for batter:
1 cup self-raising flour
Salt to taste
Chilli powder
Pinch of tumeric powder
Water as required

1. Combine all ingredients for the batter together. Add just enough water to make a smooth paste.
2. Dip the kebabs into batter and fry in shallow oil until crisp on both sides.

Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Ayesha Kasu



  1. This looks good! Love how you stuck veggies in there – I haven’t tried cutlets with anything but corn before!

    1. Thanks! Alot of our Foodie contributers have tried this recipe with great results! Appears to be a no-fail recipe for first-time kebab-makers. 🙂 Please do let us know if you try any of our recipes. Thank you for visiting Ira. X

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