Aero Mint Pudding

1 big tin nestle cream
1|2 tin condensed milk
1 packet choc chip cookies
1 big bar aero chocolate
1|2 mug hot chocolate
Aero chocolate to decorate

Fresh cream
Peppermint essence & green colour.

1. Whisk nestle cream. Add the condensed milk and leave aside.
2. Dip biscuits in hot chocolate & lay in a dish. Pour the nestle cream mix on top and leave to set. Grate a bar of Aero on top.
3. Beat fresh cream with peppermint essence & green food color. Pour on top of the chocolate. Decorate with grated leftover aero chocolate.

Note: To create a more Chocolatey taste add in 1tsp of cocoa in the nestle cream & condensed milk mixture

Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Afifa Batan


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