Fruit Jelly Dessert


Any fruit jelly packet of your choice
Double cream
Fruit of choice
Double cream (whipped a little) OR one packet of dream topping

1. Make and set the jelly in a large dish as per instructions on the packet.
2. Once set slice the jelly vertically and horizontally into small cubes.
3. Throw these jelly cubes into a large seerving bowl. Add the whipped cream or dream topping.
3. Then add the relevant fruit such as strawberry if you made strawberry jelly or tinned pineapples if you made a pineapple jelly or mandarin slices if you made an orange jelly. Mix it up however way you like it.
4. Give it a good mix and place in the fridge overnight so it’s very very cold when serving.

Note: If using tinned fruit add a bit of the water from the fruit to the cream and jelly for an extra punch.

Enjoy x