Kitchro (Spiced Meat Stew)


1lb lamb meat
1.5 –  2 cups pearl barley (soaked overnight)
Crushed green chillies
Crushed garlic and ginger
Tumeric powder
Coriander and cuminpowder
Whole spices: cinnamon, cloves, peppercorns, cumin, bay leaves.
Curry leaves
Clarified butter
Fresh coriander
Fried onions

1. Cook onions and curry leaves in oil till light brown. Then add meat and let it cook till nearly done.
2. Whilst meat is cooking boil pearl barley till cooked for around 30 –  46 minutes. Blend some of the barley and leave some whole. Then add this to the meat mix.
3. Add all the dry and whole spices. Cook for a few minutes. Then add ur barley and mix through thoroughly.
4. Add a little water and leave to simmer for 15/20 mins for full flavour. 5. Finally add some ghee (clarified butter) on top. Serve garnished with corriander and fried onions.

Enjoy x

Love from Foodie Afifa Batan

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