Foodie Islamic Lessons

Foodie Islamic Lesson 2

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
Foodies Lesson 2 – Before Eating &  Drinking

A couple of weeks ago (my apologies for the lengthy pause)  we covered the Islamic perspective and guidelines on food preparation. Some points we talked about were good intentions, having wudhu and being patient when the heat gets a bit much in the kitchen. 😀

Today we are going to look at a few points to remember before we eat and will continue with some more in the next few lessons.
1. Remember and remind others to wash the hands before eating. We eat with our hands but we also use our hands for so many other everyday activities- which means our hands regularly come into contact with a lot of dirt or dust. Therefore it is basic hygiene and a robust Sunnah to wash our hands before we eat so to prevent consuming any bacterium. It is not necessary to dry your hands once you have washed them but it’s is important to wash them until they appear to be clean as possible rather than swipe them under a running tap. It is also important to wash your hands after eating too. InshaAllah we will come to that later.
2. Sitting on the floor to eat a meal with a cloth spread out for the food was also a practise of the Prophet . It is regarded as a sign of modesty not to sit at a table so we should try our best to sit on the floor at mealtimes whenever it is possible. In regards to snacking or drinking on the move whilst walking etc it is permissible but preferable and best to sit down especially when drinking water as this can be harmful for the health if drank standing.
3. How are we supposed to sit when eating? There are three ways recorded in hadeeth about the way we should sit and eat. First method is to sit on your knees like when a woman is in the tashahud position in salaah. Second method is to sit in the same position as the first but with your right leg raised against your chest. The final posture is to sit on your feet rather than your rear so you are bending your knees like when you are squatting. It is against the practise of Islam to sit reclining against anything or leaning your hand upon the floor and stretching out your body etc.

In conclusion of todays’ lesson we learnt sitting is very important when eating and drinking. And if we intend to fulfill the Sunnah by doing so we will only be rewarded InshaAllah.

May the Almighty gift us with greater understanding, blessed homes and make it easy for us to act upon the teachings of this lesson. Ameen

Happy cooking x