Fast With Your Heart – Lesson Ten

Foodie Lesson 10 –  Special Ramadhan Series –  ‘Fast with your heart’

In the name of Allah the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

Today I want to talk about Gaza in Palestine. We all know about the terrible atrocities taking place; hundreds of people (including children) are being massacred in an attempt to ethnically cleanse the region, displace the residing Muslims and so enable Israel to gain possessions of their ‘holy land’. I won’t go into statistics on the amount of casualties or the details of how people are being massacred etc. The situation across the globe is similar, where Muslims are being oppressed in every shape and form. We are Muslims- the people of the truth and we must stand up for what is right inshaAllah.

Before I begin to write down some of the ways we can help the Gazans and all the other Muslims being oppressed around the world, I want to mention the dangers of social media when spreading ‘awareness’ in regards to such issues. In my opinion (I am not a scholar- it is my human opinion and can and has been disputed by many), that we shouldn’t spread pictures of children and babies covered in blood and stone cold dead. Some pictures of the attacks on these people show the family grieving over them or siblings clutching on to them as they lay face down or in a stretcher. It is disturbing and heart-wrenching. And for me it’s an undignified way of spreading awareness because it can actually cause more harm than good. We don’t know the level of imaan a person may have who is going to receive our picture… Through this horrific image we may push people to think where is Allah? He allows children to go on being massacred? It can lead us to become despondent and hopeless. It is true, that a mother or father, brother or sister, uncle or aunt on seeing such a shocking picture may feel shocked into donating or passing on the message. However, it triggers something brutal inside, instead of something positive. We need to spread messages to help people understand Allah is of the highest knowledge- what He does is beyond our comprehension as He is All-Wise. He is more powerful than the soldiers of Israel and the superpowers that support them. They will all taste His wrath in this world or the next. Allah the Almighty has already granted these murdered children Jannat and gives glad tiding to their parents also. We mustn’t push people’s faith to its limits in pursuit of strengthening a plight. True strength is to be found in the Quraan and Sunnah, in supplication and so on. Not in hate. No good comes from hating the oppressors. We need to push others using positive action, not pushing others towards a negative reaction. I understand these pictures tell us the reality of what is happening but there are other ways to campaign and ask people to #prayforgaza. This is my opinion.

The Prophet SAW said:
“Dhulm (opression) is of three types:
#1 A dhulm that Allah will never forgive
#2 A dhulm that He will forgive
#3 A dhulm that He will never leave alone

As for the dhulm #1 that He will not forgive, that is Shirk. Allah said, “Indeed attributing partners to Allah is a terrible injustice.” (Surah Luqman)

As for the dhulm that He will forgive, that is the injustices people commit upon themselves by not practising what their Lord commanded them to do (disobedience).

As for the opression that He will never leave alone, that is when the people oppress one another. It will not be left alone until everyone receives their right and justice from one another.

Allah will help these oppressed people because Allah is the supreme justice of the universe and never turns back on His word.

So how do we help?

#1 Pray – Dua is the weapon of a believer; supplicate when we are fasting, before iftaar, after Taraweeh, after tahajjud, in witr, at sehri, when we commit a good deed… We can also pray qunoot-al-naazila (see end of post) and read salaatul hajat (special salaat for when in need).

#2 Give Time & Money – Give money to supporting charities and aid work. Give time to raise money, sign petitions, write to local MPs/politicians about how appalled we are by the situation and require of them to raise awareness in the media as our leaders. Send messages to media publications and outlets, writing ‘Free Palestine’ on money notes, wearing Palestinian merchandise, boycotting Israeli goods… The list goes on.

#3 Raise Islamic Awareness – Read about the history of Palestine and tell others about the sad happenings and the beautiful past of the home of the first Qibla. We should also include hadith/quraanic verses about Allah’s power and tell each other the best time to make dua, where to donate…

Allah talks about those who continuously offend him; such as the oppressors of our time: “they denied Our signs, so Allah seized them for their sins. Indeed Allah is severe in penalty. (Surah Aal Imran)

#4 Finally we must change ourselves. I advise myself first strongly that I need to change before I can seek change in the world. This world will always have darkness within it because it is not meant to be a paradise for the believer. We must seek light (noor) from our faith. Now is the time to hold tight to the Quraan and Sunnah, to improve ourselves in this blessed month and build a stronger relationship with Allah. The Ummah can only thrive if we turn to our Lord with a hope and desire to become better Muslims.

What are one of the first things we learn when we are young? The Kalimahs… If we read back on the translation ( of the articles of faith, we will see that they tell us exactly what the foundation of faith is… “I submit to your (Allah’s) will, I believe and I declare, there is none worthy of worship besides Allah and Muhammad SAW is His messenger.” We’ve got to submit and have faith… Be positive.

May Allah give us the true understanding of the purpose of the plight of the oppressed Muslims today. May He bring us to His light, accept our duas and show us victory as an Ummah. May He enable us to be proactive Muslims always. May Allah forgive me for any mistakes I have made in this lesson and give me sincerity in my few good deeds, if any. Ameen


🌼 Happy 12th Ramadhan 🌼


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