Fast With Your Heart – Lesson Nine

Foodie Lesson 9 –  Special Ramadhan Series –  ‘Fast with your heart’

In the name of Allah the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

Today is the last of the first ten days of Ramadhan. These ten days were the ten days of Mercy and so I would like to talk about the mercy of Allah.

What is Mercy?
The dictionary definition of Mercy is ‘compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.’

We hear again again that Allah is Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem; the Lord of Mercy and the Giver of Mercy. So how far does the mercy of Allah extend?

The Prophet SAW said “Allah has one hundred parts of mercy, of which He sent down one between the jinn, mankind, the animals and the insects, by means of which they are compassionate and merciful to one another, and by means of which wild animals are kind to their offspring. And Allah has kept back ninety-nine parts of mercy with which to be merciful to His slaves of the Day of Resurrection. (Muslim).

Think of a situation where you would be most compassionate- when it comes to your mother, or your spouse, or your child. If ever they were about to be harmed would we not do anything we could to protect them. That is a show of the 1% of Mercy Allah has sent down to Earth. To think Allah is 99% MORE caring, kind and concerned, shows how merciful He the Almighty really is.

It is through His mercy we have been given the Quraan and Sunnah (The Prophet SAW is often called a Mercy to Mankind), as a guidance, so to make our lives purposeful. Without this blessing we wouldn’t be able to follow Islam as easily and enter Jannat in the next life. Allah has also sent Mercy through abundance of food and drink. Scientists say that this world can provide enough food to feed nearly three times the amount of people currently living on Earth. Therefore whether we commit our lives to obeying His command or not, Allah has provided enough food and drink for us all to live. Imagine a king or government who would grant a rebel of the system with the luxury of a home, food and drink, the ability to move freely etc. Allah’s mercy is so beautiful that even the one who disobeys Him extremely, He still blesses that person’s life in one way or another.

But we must not abuse His mercy. That is where the people of the past have failed and so were punished by Allah. The disbelieveing people of Nuh AS were called to believe in Allah for 950 years. And it was only then did Allah send His punishment upon them after many warnings by Nuh AS.

That is why it is important for us to have a balance; a sincere hope and wish for Allah’s Mercy as well as a fear of punishment whether it is in this world; on a large scale such as that of a flood or specific such as lessening of barakah in our finances or the next. Allah has the ability and right to punish us for the bad we commit and we should remember that and ask for His mercy.

The Prophet said, ever so beautifully: “No one’s deeds will ever admit him to Paradise.” They (companions) said, “Not even you, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “No, not even me, unless Allah showers me with His Mercy. So try to be near to perfection. And no one should wish for death; he is either doing good so he will do more of that, or he is doing wrong so he may repent.” (Bukhari)

“… and my Mercy embraces all things. ” (Surah A’raf)

May Allah shower His mercy upon us and protect us from any punishment or harm. May Allah give us the understanding of what it means that He is Al Jabbar AND ArRahman. Ameen

🌼 Happy 10th Ramadhan 🌼


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