Fast With Your Heart – Lesson Eight

Foodie Lesson 8 –  Special Ramadhan Series –  ‘Fast with your heart’

In the name of Allah the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

Today’s lesson will be about wudhu. We all know what wudhu is; it is the action of cleansing before we read Salaah, the Quraan, Tawaaf etc. Before we commit to these special worships Allah asks of us to do wudhu. But have we ever thought about wudhu being a worship in itself? It’s a three-minute worship that has such blessing and bounties which I wish to share with you all today.

The Prophet SAW said “when a Muslim makes wudhu the sins he has committed come away from his hearing and from his sight and from his hand and from his feet, so when he sits he sits down having been forgiven.”

Wudhu doesn’t have to be done only when needed but to do wudhu after doing something wrong  or simply when we brush our teeth in the morning or after visiting the toilet can be a way of forgiveness for us.

Some of the virtues of wudhu are:

#1 The body parts washed in wudhu will be shining on the day of judgement. And because they will be shining the Prophet SAW will recognise us as part of his ummah. Also some scholars say the limbs you wash do tasbeeh on your behalf.

#2 A person who sleeps in the state of wudhu angels make dua for him; “Oh Allah forgive your servant for indeed he has retired to bed in the state of wudhu.”

#3 Wudhu has the ability to kill anger. Psychologically it lowers the temperature of the body and so calms a person down.

#4 If a person is in the same of wudhu and the angel of death comes then he will be rewarded for dying in the path of Allah.

#5 At the time of death the pain will be less severe.

#6 Allah safeguards a person as long as he/she in in the state of wudhu

There are many more benefits as well as scientific proof of the disease-preventing benefits of wudhu. Imaam Ghazali mentions that wudhu is light upon light. So next time we rush to do wudhu, we should take our time and do it properly because it’s such a blessed worship.

Allah give us the ability to become one of those He loves who is always in the state of wudhu and to pass away in the state of wudhu. Ameen

🌼 Happy 9th Ramadhan 🌼


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