Fast With Your Heart – Lesson Six

Foodie Lesson 6 –  Special Ramadhan Series –  ‘Fast with your heart’

In the name of Allah the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

My apologies for the delay. Today has been a busy day for me.

Anyway Jumuah Mubarak. It is the first Friday of blessed Ramadhan and so today’s lesson will be about dua.

The Prophet SAW said “Dua is the most powerful weapon of the believer.” (Tirmidhi) You may have heard about the devastating attacks taking place on our Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza and Syria. We often feel helpless as no amount of money can stop innocent lives being shed. But alhamdullillah Allah had granted us the gift of dua. Dua is our weapon; our way of invoking the mercy of Allah. He is the Controller and the Master of all. The only one who can truly help us and the rest of the ummah when in need.

There are a lot of times when dua is more likely to be accepted. But I would like to tell you about three:

#1 Allah’s Messenger (SAW) talked about the dragon Jumuah: ‘There is an hour on Friday and if a Muslim gets it while offering prayer and asks something from Allah then Allah will definitely meet his demand.’ (Bukhari) This time is said by some scholars to be the last hour or so before Maghrib salaah on Friday. Don’t miss out TODAY!

#2 Suhoor/sehri time. When the rest of the world is sleeping Allah gives his believers an opportunity to invoke Allah for whatever they need. The Prophet (SAW) said: ‘There is at night an hour, no Muslim happens to be asking Allah any matter of this world or the Hereafter, except that he will be given it, and this occurs every night.’ (Muslim). So after Taraweeh and when eating Suhoor today make dua!! Let’s see if we can catch this hour at least in Ramadhan.

#3 The parent’s supplication for their child. The Messenger of Allah SAW said; Three supplications will not be rejected: the supplication of the parent for his child, the supplication of the one who is fasting, and the supplication of the traveller. (Tirmidhi). Note in this hadith that Allah has also mentioned a fasting person!

Some ettiquettes of making dua is to be sincere, humbling oneself, be in a state of cleanliness ect… However dua can be made anywhere and everywhere. If we want something we shouldn’t hesitate to ask. Allah is All Giving. No request is beyond His power. So even if sounds ridiculous or far fetched (like Jannatul Firdaus itself) ask Allah to give it to you if it is what is best for you.

Allah accept all our duas and make us of those who are sincere in our dua.

🌼 Happy 6th Ramadhan 🌼


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