Fast With Your Heart – Lesson Three

Foodie Lesson 3 –  Special Ramadhan Series –  ‘Fast with your heart’

In the name of Allah the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

Good Morning Foodies

Anybody remember the nasheed from the jalsa days when we were just small in madrasa… A group of first class kids singing…  Welcome Oh Ramaaaadhaaaaaaaaaan! You are month of the Quraaaaaaaaaaan!  

Well, today’s lesson is about the Quraan. The only book on this earth which remains unchanged in its original form; memorised by millions of people; recited around the world by someone somewhere every second of the day! It is the word of Allah the Magnificient Himself SubhanAllah!

Ever thought it’d be amazing to own a first edition of a classic? Well you do!  It is the most beautiful and perfect literary text of all time- studied and recited by Arabic and non-Arabic speaking,  Muslim and non-Muslims alike from the time it was revealed 1400 years to the last day.

Allah talks about the Quraan in Surah Luqman “A guidance and mercy onto the righteous ones”.

Firstly as it is the month in which the Quraan was sent down, as well as the month in which Angel Jibraeel would come down to revise the Quraan with the Prophet SAW, it is important to recite as much of the Quraan as we can. Set a realistic goal for yourself for Ramadhan and try to break it down into how much you need to do each day; bearing in mind menstruating periods for women. Remember psychologically the human mind cannot concentrate without losing interest and enjoyment for more than half an hour. So don’t sit to read for lengthy times only to gain a headache and a dry mouth of you are anything like me. I tried to sit when my energy levels are high and in short bursts. This will inshaAllah enable us to recite with love that will then have a positive effect on our hearts.

On a side note: I’d like to mention tajweed. Tajweed is the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters and the correct combined reading of the letters of the Quraan. It is as important as learning how to read salaah or how to do Hajj. It’s a struggle to correct the Quraan we’ve learnt and read for so many years but those who struggle when reading the Quraan are rewarded double than the ones who can read fluently and with ease. Allah loves those who try their best.

Secondly the Quraan to be rewarded as ‘recitation’  must be read in the original form of Arabic. However if you came across a recipe from a different culture with ingredients you’ve never heard of, without delay you’d ‘google’ it! You’d find out the translation of the ingredients in English and maybe a bit more about it too. The same should be the case with the Quraan. We may not understand Arabic as a language but this Ramadhan try getting hold of a English copy (see links at the end) and maybe reading the English translation of the parts of the Quraan you read everyday. This is to build a relationship with  the Quraan inshaAllah. And don’t think it is not rewarded… Spending time learning about Islam is also rewarded 

Thirdly the Quraan is a miracle. A living, breathing, conscious miracle. We don’t see miracles everyday but we all own one! Nobody can ever produce anything that come close to the literary miracle I is. It can heal hearts, mend relationships and make life blissful. All we have to do is look further; buy books about the themes of stories in the Quraan, listen to this commentary/lectures about the Quraan on YouTube (see links) and attend local classes (or request them if you have to)! Allah has gifted us the Quraan and I know we sometimes feel it is alien to us and we can’t relate to it but it is in fact our key to finding our Maker. It’s amazing how you can read an ayaah sometimes and think Allah is talking directly to you about your life.

“And We send down of the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe… ” Surah Isra

I am truly in need of this advice more than any of you are.  

Oh Allah please give us the opportunity to recite the Quraan more, to learn about this miracle of it and bring it in to our lives when this blessed month is over. You gifted us with this book so please help us to make the first step and unwrap it to see it’s beauty.  Ameen

🌼 Happy 3rd Ramadhan 🌼


The Quraan by Abdul Haleem (pdf)

A Online Quraan Guide

Great Quraan YouTuber


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